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Managed Multi-Asset Model Portfolios that have a combination of income and growth objectives.

Model Portfolios

These are a range of versatile Managed Multi-Asset Model Portfolios that have a combination of income and growth objectives — built with the appropriate volatility ranges and investment horizons.

Each model portfolio comes with a choice of risk-graded options ranging from defensive lower-risk strategies to a more balanced investment approach, as well as a more adventurous portfolio with higher-risk weightings.

Equity Portfolio

Objective: Target return of 12% P.A.

The portfolio focuses on capital appreciation using a mix of principally global large and small cap equity funds and direct global equity positions, with some exposure to bonds after careful research within the mandate…

Growth Portfolio

Objective: Target return of 10% P.A.

The portfolio is designed for above average capital growth with a broad mandate over the medium to longer term ideally no less than 5 years by investing in mainly European and UK sector driven equities and large cap equities….

Balanced Portfolio

Objective: Target return of 8% P.A.

Potential investors must be willing to accept moderate fluctuations in the value of the underlying investments to achieve above average possible returns. The investment horizon for investors is 4 to 6 years. The strategy would automatic…

Moderate Portfolio

Objective: Target return of 6% P.A.

The gains within the moderate portfolio are achieved by using a mix of several currencies which have exposure to the bond market, with a small real estate and commodities exposure to provide investment preservation….

Conservative Portfolio

Objective: Target return of 4% P.A.

The conservative portfolio provides a modest level of return with the possibility of income. Using mostly bond funds and ETFs with a very small percentage of larger cap equities and real estate. Emphasis is on the…..

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